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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
I have an opposite viewpoint. Keri seems to include Danks in his bottom mainly based on the uncertainty that he will perform close to pre-injury levels, while Dunn's inclusion is based on a two-year decline (not in HR and RBI, of course, but in every other offensive category) at the age of 33. I think Danks will come closer to earning his salary than Dunn will, especially when you factor in defense (and why wouldn't you?).
I think there are a lot of pitching contracts that are worse than Danks'. If you are going to go with uncertaintly of future performance, there could be a lot more. Pitching is such a fragile commodity that there are pitchers who appear to be signed to good contracts now who will be hurt in 2013 and become huge financial burdens on their team. The anti-Cubs bias here will cloud opinions, but look at how abrubtly objective baseball opinions changed in considering Mark Prior's Cubs contract.

I though Dunn's contract was one of the worst in baseball the day it was signed because I think basesball, winning baseball anyway, has been evolving away from what he brings to the game. He isn't even a very good run producer considering that in two years in the American League he has been his team's worst regular hitter with runners in scoring position. I hope that doesn't continue, but I think that will continue as long as he doesn't work on making more contact.
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