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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
I'm not sure where Dunn is that bad a contract. He produces Runs and RBI's at a clip well above league average usually , at least last year. He gets paid a ton, but I don't remember many complaints when we got him . I was happy with it. Danks contract was an eyebrow raiser , I never thought he should have got that kind of money for pretty average career numbers and performance. But I have heard , for the sabermetric people , he has WAR well above average for his spot in the rotation and for a lefthanded pitcher. I didn't like that contract at all at the time and still don't. He gets paid like a top flight pitcher and he doesn't perform like one in my opinion. If he gets injured again, that contract is going to be a disaster.
mahagga I think the point on Dunn was also that his production can be achieved/close to achieved at the DH spot by guys that can be signed to minor league deals now. Not that they don't deserve more, but execs are now spending more on players with multiple tools and paying very little to one and two dimensional sluggers.
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