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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
I'm not sure where Dunn is that bad a contract. He produces Runs and RBI's at a clip well above league average usually , at least last year. He gets paid a ton, but I don't remember many complaints when we got him . I was happy with it. Danks contract was an eyebrow raiser , I never thought he should hve got tha kind of money for pretty average career numbers and performance. But I have heard , for the sabermetric people , he has WAR well above average for his spot in the rotation and for a lefthanded pitcher. i didn't like that contract at all at the time and still don't. He gets paid like a top flight pitcher and he doesn't perform like one in my opinion. If he gets injured again, that contract is going to be a disaster.
I have an opposite viewpoint. Keri seems to include Danks in his bottom mainly based on the uncertainty that he will perform close to pre-injury levels, while Dunn's inclusion is based on a two-year decline (not in HR and RBI, of course, but in every other offensive category) at the age of 33. I think Danks will come closer to earning his salary than Dunn will, especially when you factor in defense (and why wouldn't you?).
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