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Default Will This Team Lose 100 Games?

Let's assume that they hang onto tonight's 7-0 lead vs. the Twinkies, advancing their record to 59 - 91, a brisk 0.393 winning percentage. With 150 games down and 12 to go, will these guys go 4 - 8 (or better) and avoid the dubious distinction?

Going by the winning percentage, one might expect them to win 5 more games, but between their loss streakiness as of late ( win 1, lose 6, etc) and a quick check of the upcoming opponents (Tigers, Indians, Royals, and one make-up game vs the Blue Jays) I am hard-pressed to see four more wins.

So, when will it happen? When will #100 appear in the Loss column? Pick a date! Since I came up with this mirthful exercise, I will go first: Saturday, September 28 will be the date of doom.

Your guess, or do you these guys will avoid the century mark?

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