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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
In fairness to Brenly he lasted eight years with the Cubs, that's not exactly "jumping ship" is it? I have no problem with the man wanting to work closer to home if the opportunity arises especially since he was the manager at Arizona when they won the World Series.

That's a closer connection to a franchise certainly than just calling the games for a team you never played or managed for is it?

If Brenly goes to the Rockies like a lot of reports have him doing, I don't see how you can consider him "jumping ship."

He lives in Colorado
He managed the Rockies to a World Series Championship

Two HUGE pluses for "heading home" in my book.

Although it wouldn't surprise me one bit for ol' JonnyCakes to join a national broadcast team. Fox/ESPN/TBS all could use his talents.
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