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Originally Posted by KyWhiSoxFan View Post
No one seems to mention Tanner Banks, but he's been doing pretty well as he climbs the organizational ladder. His under-the-radar status may be because he's always a little older than the class at which he's pitching (he's now 26), and maybe his stuff is not jaw dropping.

When I saw him pitch in Lexington while he was at Kannapolis, his fastball sat around 89-90, so that would need to increase a bit for him to keep advancing (has anyone seen him lately and know his velocity of his fastball now?). He averages about .74 Ks per inning, which is low, but his ERA is also low, 2.63 at Birmingham (and 2.54 at Winston-Salem last year).

In any case, whatever his stuff looks like, he's been pretty effective at every level. No matter what the level, he gets guys out and pitches 6 innings per outing on average.

Can he can keep moving up and eventually reach the majors?

I think you answered your own question when you mentioned his age/stuff.

Looks like a future mop-up, end of bullpen guy at best.
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