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Bears Lose again
Another 18 pages detailing how they lost
(Articles are the same as yesterday, just different bylines)

Angels take on (Bo)Sox in ALCS

Networks lament lack of Cubs/Yankees/RedSox
Network could lose millions
Layoffs possible
Black October looms
lack of Cubs Yankees becomes reality

Hotel Prices to Hike
Tourism down as hospitality industry suffers greatly without Cubs
Industry insiders say Hike necessary to offset what SOX are doing

SOX success ... the human toll
Thousands in Wrigleyville suffering greatly
Many cant pay water or electricity
Long historical pubs could close
Lack of Cubs in playoffs has Wrigleyville waitress eating catfood
"this isnt just bad for me, think of the poor networks too"
Rolling blackouts force World Famous Marquee to darken

Local Cub Fan calls for intervention
"this just is not fair! We should be there, not them, somebody has to do
something" says Life-long fan, 25 yr old Trixie

Selfish SOX part 2
Rowand parties wildly and in excess as cubbie fan children cry in streets
"Why cant the cubs be in the playoffs mommy?" says a tearful 8 yr old fan
to his mother.

Brokers feeling the cold too
"I couldve sold an upper deck seat in Wrigley to some schmuck for $8,000 bucks. Now im taking a bath and only getting $500 to $1000"
" The problem with someone printing Lies all the time, is eventually, people are going to start Believing it, if you don't rebut it " - Hawk Harrelson on what happens when you Ignore The Media
" Ignoring the Issues doesn't make them go away " - Score host Jason Goff
" The 2006 White Sox..... simply didn't have the hunger of the Twins or Tigers" - SunTimes columnist and SOX fan Richard Roeper

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