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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
. ADA probably has real value. You don't make him a 4th OF. If you don't want him, you move him.
Call me crazy, but I'd rather have a fourth outfielder with real value. If Dunn and Konerko are gone, there would be plenty of potential at bats for the fourth outfielder.

As for Dunn being one of the most productive players on this team, that is irrelevant as this team sucks. The whole point is a better team in the long run, obviously there is no room for Dunn in that plan.

Under my scenerio, you could see what you have with Semien, Leury and the other infield prospects as well. Between the five positions in which you could move the infielders there would be a potential of 810 starts, which could mean 100 starts each for eight players. I would advocate signing a first baseman and leaving DH open. Give him 150 starts between first and DH, that leaves 660 starts which could translate to 110 starts for six players.

Basically, I would have A. Garcia and the firstbasemen penciled in for 150 starts. Other than that, the play at other positions should be divided by players based on who executes(if Garcia can't execute he shouldn't get the time either, I just don't feel like he is going to fail). This way we can see what we've got without anyone being blocked, a healthy competition. Personally, I think Beckham could make a quality utilityman provided we have the players to outperform him at all the infield positions. I don't think the Sox should be handing playing time to anyone at this point.

You're probably right about Danks, though, he'll be next to impossible to unload. Dunn and Keppinger should be cut if need be, their presence on the roster is not going to help the Sox turn it around in anyway. If the effective Sox payroll is 20 million less next year and 4.5 the year after that because of it, so be it.
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