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This has been an excellent offseason.

The Garland re-signing is great news, and allows the White Sox to have a strong hand in the pitching department for another two to three years.

Another thing: I love the idea of having six starters going into the 2006 season. The deal for Javier Vasquez was smart, very smart, since he is signed through another two years. Look at the age of the White Sox rotation - all going into their late 20s (Vasquez turning 29 or 30), except Contreras (34???).

As for Contreras, I would be inclined to keep him through his last year (even if a contract agreement can't be reached), because I believe his greatest value to the Sox would be keep him for another year - no trade - you never know about pitching health from year to year. It is always good to have options with quality starting pitchers, and if a trade is a possibility, it may be better to wait until the midseason point, where the price for pitching goes even higher, and if the Sox figure that they can promote McCarthy at that point and deal Contreras, they could ask for more in return, and even get it. But for now, it's best to keep the starters - all six of them!

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