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Originally Posted by UserNameBlank View Post
IMO as of right now he certainly has to be a top ten. The only others that I imagine would definitely be ranked ahead of him are Fields, Gio, Sweeney, Egbert, McCulloch, Broadway, and Chris Carter. Francisco Hernandez is having a nice year but considering how dominant Faustino has been it would be hard IMO for anyone to rank him above DLS. At this rate DLS will be in Birmingham next year, as one would *think* he'll get a shot at High A this year. Of course, McCulloch should be in AA right now but he's not, so who knows?

Maybe some of the minor league guys here can weigh in on this? Where would you rank DLS right now?
Keeping in mind that Fields is no longer a prospect, here is my shot at a Top-10:
1. Sweeney OF - hopefully his recent surge mirrors the 2nd half he had last year
2. Gio LHP - has made definite progress, especially in his command, from last year. Actually has a better ERA away from pitcher-friendly Birmingham
3. Danny Richar 2B - has turned it up since the trade to the Sox
4. Chris Carter 1B - Has hit everywhere he has played, not yet 21
5. Fautino DLS RHP - His secondary numbers are sick...
6. Poreda LHP - Obviously makes it this high strictly on potential.
7. McCulloch RHP - As an ex-Horn it pains me to say this, but despite McCulloch's recent hot streak, his numbers aren't great in a mild-pitcher's league especially considering he has major college-level experience and is of average age for the league. As has been said about him all along, best case he winds up a stable No. 5 rotation guy or relief iinnings-eater.
8. Lance Broadway RHP - See above, add 2 years.
9. Jack Egbert RHP - finally getting some notice for his continued minor league success.
10. Dewon Day RHP - still a rookie. Hopes that he would be this years version of '05 Jenks were dashed pretty quickly, but that slider is a major league out pitch if he can learn to set it up and get it over.

Others: Po-Yu Lin, Kanekoa Texeira, Francisco Hernandez, Joe Ely.
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