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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I really don't notice if people are smiling at me or not. But as for wait time, these stadiums were the same at best:
Minnesota, both stadiums.
Both Yankee Stadiums
Detroit-which was by far the worst
You and I have very different views on customer service if you think the criteria is just being smiled at. I've been to Milwaukee twice this year and wait times at the concessions were way better. Haven't been to any of the other places recently.

Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I had a very different and much better experience (vs. The Cell) for the ones in bold- I go to 3-4 Miller Park games per year- great experience every time-

Originally Posted by Milw View Post
I can vouch for this. Even on a busy night at Miller Park, I've never missed more than a half inning getting food. At the Cell, missing only a half inning is notably unusual. Moreover, Miller Park has never been out of food items in the third inning, nor has a worker insisted to me that a menu item is not offered even though it is on the menu behind her--both things that have happened to me this year at the Cell.
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