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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
So it isn't their fault that they couldn't have 1 person take a periodic glance over his/her shoulder to make sure everyone was parking correctly in an area that does not have specific parking spots? There was a guy standing in front of the gate motioning to people to pull into that gate to park. There were 2 security guards just kind of milling around the ticket entrance where people were let in, right next to the lot mind you. You're telling none of those 3 people could have just taken a look once in a while to make sure people weren't ****ing this up?

And I have never been to one of these before so it would be quite hard for me to point this out and complain in advance.
No, because people usually don't park like that. The blame lies with the people parking the cars, not the White Sox. I have no idea why they would block someone in when there is plenty of room to park, and why they wouldn't leave until more than one hour after the event was over when they know they have blocked someone in. But that is where your anger should be directed . If you went to a mall and your car was blocked, would you blame the owner of the store where you went to shop? They should have someone directing traffic in the parking lot? If it was an event where there were going to be a lot of cars, I would agree with you, the Sox should have someone in the lots. But for something like this, where there are hundreds, probably thousands of spots to park your car and not have any problem?
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