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Originally Posted by 34rancher View Post
It's difficult to get excited until I know for sure Adam Dunn is gone from this team. He's just an energy black hole. It's been awful since the day we signed him. The guy just doesn't help teams win. The day he's gone, people need to read the signing thread of his and see how ridiculous they acted.
But there is some youth and talent on the horizon.
You took a lot of heat on this thread. Actually you've taken some hits from the beginning on Dunn. I don't assume that you think Trent Dilfer was better than Marino, or Vin Scully isn't entitled to an opinion. Nothing in your posts, and I try real hard to pay attention to everyone around here, would suggest that. I would have to say that for the most part I agree with you. He's right up there with Claudell Washington, Jaime Navarro and David Wells for me. Have a long and happy life but please be gone.

OTOH I too am more excited about the coming season than I have been in years. So far I am impressed by Hahn, actually more than that. He was given a lousy hand to play and he is playing it as well as anyone could expect.
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