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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
Some fans have short memories. In 2012, the Sox had a 3 game lead with ten days to go in the season, after leading for most of the season. If a fan could not enjoy that kind of season, not sure why they enjoy baseball at all. Sure, would have loved to finish it out, but during the season, the Sox played good ball that year...only 1 season back. Yet, fans denigrate the last decade as being wasted? Sox were compelling entertainment for most of that decade, yet Kenny gets hammered because he was a gambler and it only paid off in the first World Series title in 90+ years...hey it was a fluke....does not mean a thing....BS!

Give me a GM that gets the Sox a World Series anytime. You can have the exciting GM's that never win a ring.

That said, I am pleased with Rick/Kenny's moves since last July. I absolutely guarantee that some who are expressing optimism here today will be crushing management soon, but that is there thing.....I roll with the punches.
I really don't care about exciting moves. I want a GM with a real plan, that can build a sustainable winner. Kenny Williams had 2 playoff appearances to his name. He averaged 84 wins per year as a GM. Nothing about him was special except 2005.

I think Rick gets it. I think Rick has the baseball intelligence to build a team that can compete for years. Not every once in a while.

Yes, 2005 was an anomaly, that was the KW model. Fluke is a bad word. More, Kenny built teams capable of catching lightning in a bottle, and if/when they did, they could be dangerous. 1 year they caught lightning in a bottle.

I think Rick wants to build teams capable of winning 90 games per year, and hope they play to expectations. Not win 84 a year and hope they over achieve.

And 2012 was not bad, but it was not the prettiest brand of baseball, and the choke was really not fun to endure.

I do agree, some fans are like me, results driven. I don't enjoy bad baseball. To me, if you don't make the playoffs, its a bad year. Its not the best way to enjoy the game, but just the way I am wired.

I don't buy TV's and hope the picture is good enough. I don't buy a car hoping it does not break down, and I don't follow sports hoping to just be ok. I look at what Rick Hahn is doing and say FINALLY. I am extremely excited about the outlook of the White Sox.
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