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Originally Posted by chisox59 View Post
To me this feels a lot like the off season between the dismal 106 loss 1970 team and the more exciting 1971 team. We weren't big contenders in '71 but we made some strides and were much more interesting to watch. Like Roland Hemond did in that off season Hahn has dumped some aging veterans and brought in some youth which should create excitement. I, too, like the direction he has taken. I don't expect a worst to first scenario but I do expect the team to be better and the enthusiasm the players generate to carry over to the stands. Hopefully we'll see a change in the draft where we pick the best available baseball player and not just the best athlete. I'd also like to see our minor league system ignore the standings and develop players in all aspects of the game. Teach the fundamentals so they become second nature and the standings will take care of themselves and maybe we can finally bring up players who are mlb ready instead of trying to teach them at the big league level.
After 1970, we got rid of the entire starting 8 except for Melton, Carlos May and Ed Hermann. Dumped the entire bullpen except for Wilbur Wood, and he was moved into the rotation. What I never understood is why that early 70s group didn't have any staying power, considering good young players like Dent, Orta, Gossage and Forrester starting moving in. Now we continued to develop good young players in the late 1970s, but then Veeck made some clownish moves in the mid-late 1970s.
Re today, I certainly hope the Sox aren't not developing to help the standings (although I don't see why that's an either/or).
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