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Originally Posted by VeeckAsInWreck View Post
People act like playing in the WBC is career threatening. These guys are pro athletes, they condition themselves for this kind of thing. Let's not act like they're fragile.
I think that's overstating it a bit, but the fact of the matter is that Alejandro's career has been hampered by injuries, he lost a job in Miami twice, I believe, and broke down in his first full MLB season last year. The guy's going to be 29 years old in April and he's not proven to be a durable player yet. And to heighten the anxiety, the backup plan appears to be Wise. Maybe it'd be one thing if Thompson or Mitchell or Danks looked poised to become the Sox's long-term solution in CF, but right now that doesn't exist. I think a healthy Alejandro is extremely important to this team, when he was playing well they played good ball and it's not a coincidence (IMO) that when he started to miss time down the stretch run, they fell apart.

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