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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
Viciedo's issues are all about approach, as you said. His approach is attrocious so any improvement would make his stats improve. The kid is only 23 though with one full season under his belt. In that season, Dayan hit 25 home runs and hit the ball to all fields. 25 home runs is a distinction only 39 hitters held. Power is not as easily had as it once was in this post steroid era. Give Viciedo time to develop discipline and watch that vicious, powerful swing produce.
As Viciedo had 1299 AB in the minors and 711 with the Sox over three seasons, there is a real chance that development won't happen, at least to the level some of us expect.

I'm not happy with an everyday player hitting sub .260 and striking out 125 times if all he's giving us on the plus side is home runs. That goes double for an expensive veteran like Dunn.

If we had a core group of solid players on the club, we could live with an inconsistent, streaky Viciedo in LF, yet it sounds like either the Sox and/or Sox fans are banking on him to be the primary slugger of the future.

Considering some of his comparables by age are Albert Belle (age 22) and Matt Nokes (age 23) it seems wishful that we could end up with another Albert Belle, but it's more likely we're getting Nokes. Or as I like to use, another Jack Cust or Willy Mo Pena.

As a fan, though, I'm willing to be patient, if the kid shows improvement this year, I'm back on the bandwagon, but if we get the same results as last year, at some time we have to cut bait.
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