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Originally posted by duke of dorwood
Maybe he should go to single A, if he has the tools Lenny thinks he has, maybe only confidence is missing. Somewhere, sometime he will be back.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Ramirez has a lot of potential. I would say maybe AA would be better, not AAA. He only hit .216 in AAA, which is absolutely abysmal. If he gets enough confidence at AA, he might be able to start truly hitting, and go to AAA and dominate there, or maybe even go straight back to the Majors.

We'll have to see. Remember, Robin Ventura was all hyped up to be a great hitter, but when we finally saw him, he wasn't really much. He gave respectable numbers, but not the numbers we expected of him. Be cautious of Ramirez. This is how I feel with Borchard as well.
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