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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
That's an interesting thought. He sure started Flowers off with a killer curve after I figured he had lost control of the pitch. That set up the whole at bat. Hawk said the temp was 32 degrees during that at bat. Never saw a baseball game played in that kind of weather before.
That was the key to the entire inning. If Wilhelmsen doesn't get that curve over for a strike, he likely has to try to locate fastballs against Flowers, who had a good chance to square one up if he knows it's coming. Wilhelmsen was only able to catch Flowers flat-footed on the last strike because of that first strike curve. Clutch pitching beat a locked-in hitter. It happens.

I'm with the others who are not terribly upset with this loss. The team played well, with the exception of Quintana and Jones, but Seattle played just a little bit better. As long as the team plays like professionals and we at least stay within striking distance of Detroit well into June, I'll take it as it comes.
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