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Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
The only highlight of this game was Farmio going ballistic when Lindstrom threw Morneau a fastball to start his at bat in the 6th (two run single).

If Farmer actually announced the entirety of the game with this sort of unbridled honesty - I would listen to him. Instead all we usually get are forced observations and descriptions of uniforms down to the color of the stitching on the inseam of the visitor's pants.

I recommend you check out the article in the Sun Times about Hawk. He kinda touches on how its difficult for announcers to be as honest as they want when the team is this bad. He also says that he feels bad for some players but not all of them. Makes me think the clubhouse is probably pretty poor but that could also be attributed to the fact that we are so lousy.

I hope Hahn gets maximum value for Crain. That's about the only positive thing I can muster from this road trip and season.
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