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Originally Posted by SouthSideMike View Post
Hawk wasn't the only one to lose it. I heard the call on the radio, and it was pretty amusing as well. Farmer made a quick expression of disgust and then didn't say much, but DJ went off for at least a couple minutes, saying that they weren't even watching major league baseball anymore. Pretty damn funny.

And he called in after on Rongey's postgame show and started ranting again.

I don't like either of them that much, but it must be painful to have to cover such pathetic play on a daily basis knowing we still have months of this to go, so I kind of feel bad for TV and radio guys in that respect.

No job is fun when the work is bad and unenjoyable.
That play in the 9th last night and Alexei's muffed grounder in the 8th in KC is deserving of any and all ridicule our broadcasters can dish out.
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