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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I don't think it's ridiculous at all because it's irrelevant how many runs were scored in the conditions in the past under the rules of the past with the enforced strike zone of the past. Conditions today to score runs are different than they were in 1968, before they lowered the mound, before baseball expanded and diluted pitching, before baseball created a smaller strike zone. Hitters had to be less selfish for teams to score runs. Hitters wear padding now that takes away some of the fear of being hit with an inside pitch so they can be more comfortable at the plate And that just scratches the surface of the myriad differences.

It's ridiculous to say hitters aren't being selfish because there are more runs being scored today.
So if we took players and made them use the "less selfish" approach from yesteryear in today's game, then we'd see even more runs, right?
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