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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Bill Veeck once said in one of his books: The future is now, 5 year plans usually lead to new 5 year plans in baseball. If you believe in that opinion, I don't see why this White Sox team can't get into the playoffs in 2013. It appears that the White Sox have the pitching to contend for the playoffs. The team needs a couple more hitters. Hopefully the Tank and Beckham will come back and be productive offensively. We still need another bat if they come back. Trade Floyd for a hitter and put Santiago in the rotation. The Sun Times had an article today that implied that Ventura is losing patience with some of the hitters. Maybe we might finally be seeing the end of Adam Done on the great Southside of Chicago.
This is pretty dated, and has kind of been proven wrong in this day and age. Aside from that, I don't recall Veeck having wonderful sustained success on the field with this philosophy.
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