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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
The White Sox have gift-wrapped each of the last four games for their opposition. Walks, errors, bad baserunning, you name it. As a matter of fact, a throwing error has been a big play in three of these last four losses.

Much of the focus has been on the poor offense. Understandably so. But this team is awful defensively. Of the 12 losses, at least half of them have been gift-wrapped with poor defense.

I feel this club has beaten itself more in the first three weeks of this season than it did the first five months of last year.

The start of this season feels like an extension of last September.
Hawk said the exact same thing during last night's broadcast and he's right. The piss poor defense we've been seeing, especially as of late, is really uncharacteristic of the Sox team we've known over the last couple years. If your offense is still in its winter coma, the defense needs to be alert, but it's not, thus leading to all these gift-wrapped games given to the opposition.

As for Dunn, he's epic bad and is making his 2011 batting average of .158 look stellar compared to the .106 or whatever the hell it is he's batting now. At least he was taking walks two years ago. The only walks he's taking now are back to the bench as soon as he strikes out or grounds out to the right side of the infield. YUCK!!!!

Even with all that said, this is baseball and I love it too much to quit going to games. I'm excited to be heading down to the ballpark on Sunday. The weather is supposed to cooperate (sunny and 68) and I'm looking very forward to an afternoon at the ballpark.
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