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Originally Posted by ZombieRob View Post
Just like you have no answer to who's going to be your left handed bat who can his over 30 + Hrs and hit near a 100 rbi's. But save this post because I want to hear you spincast this one and how he helped the 2014 in anyway.

Taking AB away from a kid like Semian L.Garcia A. Garcia Abrue Gillaspie or anyone that has a pulse basically. Young kids need every AB they can get. Sox are so top loaded with INF bench players it's ridiculous. And you're telling us they have no one presently on their bench that can do the same job Konerko can do?
White Sox pinch-hitters were 11-for-62 (.177) with 3 RBIs last season. Yeah, our bench is loaded with good hitters. This team doesn't need a bench bat at all.

The White Sox didn't have a left-handed hitter with 30 and 100 the year they won the World Series. Why is it so imperative they have one for what figures to be a rebuilding season in 2014?

You honestly think Konerko is going to away ABs from Semien? Wow. You must have been drinking. Konerko is going to be a bench player, essentially the 24th or 25th guy. His status has ZERO effect on Semien. Konerko does not play the same position as Semien. There's no question Semien is going to play every day in 2014. It's just a matter of whether that's in Chicago or Charlotte. If Semien is going to play every day in Chicago, one of the incumbent starting infielders has to be moved to make room for him. If not, he gets his development ABs in Charlotte. None of that has anything to do with Konerko. Semien is not going to sit on the bench as a role player in Chicago anyway, so Konerko is not taking his spot.

L. Garcia? What the hell are you talking about? L. Garcia isn't going to get ABs as a pinch-hitter or a DH. Konerko's not taking ABs from him either.

A. Garcia? Again, what the hell are you talking about? Konerko doesn't play RF. A. Garcia is our RF for hopefully 150 games in 2014. Konerko presence has no affect on A. Garcia's playing time.

Abreu? The Sox aren't paying him to sit on the bench. He's the 1B. Everyone knows it, including Konerko. Paul will only take ABs from him if Abreu needs a day off, unless Abreu completely tanks against MLB pitching. For all of our sakes, let's hope that doesn't happen.

Gillaspie? Pffttt. He's just like Dunn. He can't hit lefties. If Konerko takes some of his ABs against left-handed pitching, that actually helps the team. Although, I don't think Konerko is going to take any grounders at third base anytime soon.

I'm sorry, but your posts just don't make any sense.
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