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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I would love it as well, but if they went to the playoffs 2 or 3 years in a row and didn't win it all, the next excuse is making the playoffs isn't good enough. Just like it was in 2008.
I completely disagree with this statement. Sure, there might be some die-hards or meatheads that would say this but I think the majority of fans, including the coveted casual fans, would be extremely excited if the Sox made the playoffs several years in a row. Seeing as how this is something that has NEVER happened in the entire existence of this franchise how could one not be excited??

There is nothing, currently, to be excited about with this team. There is no superstar, no can't miss prospect being touted, absolutely nothing to look forward to. The organization seems to be content with how the team is being run and has been pointed out several times already why should they change anything if it keeps being profitable? The organization continues to treat fans like we know nothing or understand nothing about what is going on with the team. The continued lack of direction this team seemingly has is more of a detriment than I think they realize. At least the Cubs have a plan. It might not work in the end but at least they have a direction and their fans at least have some hope for the future. A of now, what do any of us have to look forward to as Sox fans?
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