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Originally Posted by GAsoxfan View Post
The fact that TCQ doesn't even know what Greinke said shows that TCQ was just looking for an excuse to charge the mound.
Completely agree on this point. Here was the line of questioning by reporters following the game:

Reporter: "Did he say anything to you that caused you charge the mound?"

TCQ: "Yes."

Reporter: "What did he say?"

TCQ: "I don't know what he said, but that's why I went after him."

What the **** is that? Quentin admits that he doesn't know what Greinke said, but he started a fight with him anyway. I've seen the video, and unless Greinke was scowling at Quentin after he threw the pitch, there's nothing that explains why Carlos charged the mound. Greinke's body language gives no indication that he's about to fight, or that he's challenging Quentin in any way.
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