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Originally Posted by ComiskeyBrewer View Post
I agree, which is why i said i think he can be a 40 hr a year guy, but for him to have 37 at the break makes me raise an eyebrow. Look at it this way, the guy has broken 40 in a year(minors and majors combined) once and now he is 3 HRs away from doing it in half a season. Players generally don't deviate from their career norms THAT much unless you are on something. If he pulls a Brandon Inge(albiet Inge only had that burst of power for a month or so IIRC) and plummets back to earth i'll change my tune. But for now, i don't think he's on the level.

Smoke Screens aren't exactly uncommon when you have something to hide. Remember Mark McGwire having Creatine in his locker? Everybody assumed that was the cause for his power and he was on the up and up. Who would question a guy about steroids who is on the record as saying he doesn't consider a known steroid user as the true record holder?

I realize this comes off as a big reach, but i just can't shake the feeling he is on something. Like i said, baseball has made me cynical of anybody putting up big numbers.
It's also possible that the age of 27 he's just now hitting his prime.

I mean, if we're all doomed to repeat the kind of performances we give as 23 year olds, this world would be an even scarier place.
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