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Originally Posted by ComiskeyBrewer View Post
You stay classy San Diego.

So Q claims they have a history as justification for his actions, and that history is that Grienke hit him 4 years ago? That made him think it was intentional on a full count in a tie game? TCQ must be a freaking moron. I'd love to learn what Zack said, but unless it was one of a few magic words the charge isn't justified.
Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
Quentin started toward first then charged the mound when Grienke said something to him. He wasn't happy about getting hit, but that was not why he charged.
I was listening to Mike & Mike on the way in this morning, and TCQ said that he didn't even know what Greinke said, yet somehow, what he's not sure he said set him off. What the hell is wrong with him?

As an aside, I've followed Don Mattingly's career since the age of 5, as he's from my hometown. His post-game interview is as angry as I've ever heard him, and also represents the nicest way I've ever heard someone (TCQ) being called an idiot. TCQ needs to watch his back, as these two teams will meet again next week in LA.
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