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Simply amazing news. LevineLine reported Jon didn't even want to consider anything south of $10M, looks like he was willing to do just that, and on a relatively short deal to boot! Outstanding decision, Jon to take "enough" and stick around with a team that ought to contend through the whole deal.

Or on the flipside, KW just increased Jon's value exponentially. And his flexibility is now virtually limitless. He's signed Garland at market rate for '07 & 08, which means that you can keep him to contend in '06, then if you CAN resign Jose, you can trade a market rate, short-contract Garland for a pretty huge haul. Or you trade a cheap ($6M) Jose on a 1-yr deal for relief help and/or prospects (although you won't get a ton given his age and 1 good year). Or you let Jose walk after '06, take the picks, and slot McCarthy in his spot. Or you can potentially even resign Jose and trade Garcia in his walk year.

This puts payroll at IIRC right about $91M per the salary thread. Now KW just needs an extra 2-3M to nab a couple of veteran arms.
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