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The End Is Near: Contreras Taken Out In 8th

Sox Starters Faltering On Grand Stage

Inside: What Greg Maddux would do in same situation; pitch-by-pitch recount.

Also Inside: 'Cats handily beat MSU-We jump on the Northwestern bandwagon.

Umpire: "Strike three, you're outta there!"
Ron Kittle:
"It was a ball."
"It was a ball, you cross-eyed old goat!"
Ump: "
Kittle, you're out of the game!"
(Kittle storms back to locker-room, turns on WMAQ 670.)
Announcer Lorn Brown: "I don't know what he was thinking. Looked like a strike to me."
"It was a ball!"
Your Chicago White Sox: Coming Back Home To 670AM for 2006

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