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Somber Series Starts Saturday
-As His Trial Starts, Link Between Saddam Hussein & Sox Found
-Hundreds of pieces of White Sox paraphernalia, jerseys, hats, pennants, etc.
discovered in palaces around Iraq; expected to be used as evidence
-"HE LOVED THE WHITE SOX" say scores of witnesses, many inmates in notorious prisons

Inside: Paul Sullivan traces the the connections of the White Sox and infamous dictators throughout history.
-Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini all met with Ted Lyons in late 1930's. What was discussed ?
-How Bill Veeck tried to get Pol Pot to be partner when he puchased Sox for 2nd time in early 70's
-How and why Edi Amin probably attended games, sat in box seats during leaner years of late 70's and early 80's, Sox management looked other way

Plus, coming in Sunday's editorial: Dan McGrath tells us why the White Sox should just forfeit the Series to the N.L. Champion in light of the stunning evidence coming out of Baghdad