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From Paul Sullivan's article:

Amazingly, dozens of empty seats existed, despite the new and improved view and the Sox's success. Patrick McCubbin of Oak Park was sitting next to an empty seat in Section 528, in the second row from the top, watching Joe Crede's home run sail over the fence. "These aren't my real seats," McCubbin said. "There's more room to stretch over here." .....

Evidently, there's still some room on the bandwagon, in case anyone wants to jump on.

This is very misleading. It gives the impression (which I'm sure is NOT unintentional) that the Sox just couldn't sell out the game. Tell that to all the Sox fans who tried to get tickets on Thursday and couldn't get any because we were told the game was sold out.

Actually, the rest of the article is very complimentary of the Cell. I was shocked that Paul Sullivan would write such positive things about Sox Park.