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You can put in on the board...YES!
Angels deliver gift from heaven
Like the Sox playing second fiddle in Chicago, Ozzie second fiddle in small ball to Scocsia

Dozens of empty seats at the Cell (actual line from a Trib article today)
Cold weather and No Yankees to blame (we didn't even think about the fact that they may have been in the bullpen bar or in the fundamentals deck...they don't have those things at Wrigley)

FOX uses Tribune idea of inventing a curse
Curses are fun, they give an excuse for futility
Sullivan: ten reasons the Cubs' curse is better than the White Sox curse
2005 Baseball Prospectus player comments:

Scott Podsednik
"...he could be a nice bench player...he's going to do quite well in helping Minnesota win another AL Central crown."
Freddy Garcia
"Garcia is not a bad pitcher, but he's not much better than an average one."
Jon Garland
"The White Sox take pride in noting that Jon Garland is now their fifth starter, which obscures the fact that he pitches like a fifth starter."