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Default What's Bad About That Loss?

Yesterday's loss in Anaheim (5/23) just killed me because everything was pointing towards a Sox victory before this game.

- We're the best team in baseball
- We have the best pitcher in baseball pitching for us
- Anaheim has been struggling at the plate
- Anaheim is missing their best player
- Anaheim is missing one of their best relievers
- Anaheim is starting a rookie who had a bad outing in his debut last time out

With all that going the Sox way, it's still not enough to rid themselves of this inability to win on the West coast and to hit pitchers they have never seen before.
There is absolutely no logic to this trend that has developed over the last few years.
Anaheim and Oakland have been good teams over the last few years, but this year Oakland sucks and we lose 2 of 3 and play horribly. We are favored in yesterday's game for all the reasons above, but still can't win.
What is it about the West coast? They don't have the same teams as they have had in the past and neither do we, but we still can't win.
We don't have the same lineup as we have in the past, but we still can't hit rookie pitchers? I don't get it. This is the strangest trend I have ever seen, and it shows no sign of ending.

Luckily Minnesota lost yesterday, but that was a perfect chance to gain some ground yesterday.
This is something that would scare the hell out of me for the playoffs. Let's say the Sox win the division and have to start out by playing Anaheim. How good will you feel about that?
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