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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox
Seriously, if you are going to go off spittle-flying rants over every loss, you need to find another sport to follow. MLB teams lose. A lot, by the standards of other sports. 60% wins is pretty good. 70% over the course of a season is virtually unheard of. You "demand" sucess. I'm impressed.

You guys who go off on "Ozzie should know he can't play this guy, he can't play that guy" need to suggest alternatives. It is so easy to be critical after you know the outcome. These guys are on the roster, and unless there is someone better waiting in the wings, they are who he has to work with.

Just a little suggestion, since you're new to the board. You might want to soft-pedal the name calling just because someone disagrees with you. You don't manage a Toys-R-Us in Texas, do you?
That is what I am preaching too. This team is going to lose games. The games they lose of course there are going to be some ugly scenarios thrown into the mix. Ya, I was pissed when I went to bed last night, but that was one game and Minnesota lost. So to me it is a wash and we go back out there and get a win with Buerhle tonight.
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