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Most games Garland (or any Sox starter) gives up 3 runs in 7+ innings, we will likely win. I figured Ozzie would put Vizcaino back on the hill ASAP if we were up or down by 3 or 4 or more (I was definitely hoping for the up). He's got the potential to be good, but he has some quality relievers breathing on his tail from the minors. Think Bajenaru will be called up soon? He has a 0.81 ERA in 22.1 innings in 21 appearaces. He has a 1-0 record and 3 saves. 22 strikeouts to 12 walks. Only 2 earned runs this year so far. I think he might have pitched tonight because the stats seem updated from the last time I looked when I think he had given up only one earned run.

Speaking of AAA players, it is interesting to see how Ben Davis is progressing down there. Hopefully he picks his production up. With Frank Thomas, Ross Gload, Davis, Borchard, Adkins, Norton, Diaz, Munoz, Burke...and maybe a few have a lot of guys on that team that have seen major league action (with Thomas being a future HOF'er and Gload and Davis being perennially up). Hopefully we can add that list by seeing Fingernails on a blackboard and Bajenaru. I think Brandon will replace Contreras or Hernandez in the rotation at some point in time whether this year or next. Bajenaru can help solidify the bullpen because chances are it will change. I'm hoping we can get more production out of Borchard and some of those other players that have been labeled our "future"

I would really hate to see us start another west slide, but I think with MB on the hill we can win the game and take the rest of this series as well.
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