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The bottom line tonite was that the Sox, besides Garland, T.I. & Konerko,looked AWFUL!! I was absolutely embarassed as a Sox fan to see us get shutout by a rookie in his 2nd start, especially after he got rocked in his 1st, by the Tribe no less. I blame this loss on Ozzie tonite. Putting Timo in center is completely inexcusable!! Considering the fact the Pods is a much better option, and that Garland's win streak was on the line.....I guarantee that Rowand would have caught the ball hit by Cabrera, and POSSIBLY Kennedy's, those hits changed the game right there by giving the rookie a lead to work with. If this team is suppose to be built around pitching and defense than that was a major miscue by Guillen. I know it's ONLY 1 game, but i don't think we should be giving away ANY games right now, especially with the Twinks hot on our tail. I just hope the way we played tonite was a result of jetlag, and hopefully we can chalk up a W tomorrow night with Buehrle on the mound.

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