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Garland should never pitch in southern California. He always seems to have problems. 11 hits in seven innings. Plus a walk that eventually scored.

Crede turned perhaps the best throw from the outfiled this year into poop. The ball hit his glove while the runner was still ten feet away. Catch the ball, lay on the tag and we're out of the inning.

Uribe made another one of his patented wild throws to first base, Thankfully, Garland was able to work around it.

Uribe and Crede combined to provide the offensive black hole of Calcutta. They are a combined 5 for 69 of late. Neither has done much since the Baltimore series.

I know the kid, Santanna was horrible in Cleveland, but tonight he was verrrry good. Good pitching beats good hitting, and it whips anemic hitting. The Angels hitting has been worse than ours, which further shows how much more that kid was on his game than Garland.

Timo got one hit, Konerko and Gooch both got two. Timo played good defense and made a heck of a good throw. I don't love Timo, but he shouldn't be castigated for his actions tonight.

We got out pitched, out hit, and out fielded tonight. We deserved to lose.
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