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This west coast thing is just ridiculous. It looked like we were going to turn it around this year while we had a three run lead during the second game in Oakland...then another three run lead...then we all know how that series turned out. Please no one bring up the phrase "jet lag." This is a baseball team. All they do is fly. It takes about 3 and a half hours to get to the West coast from Chicago and they've just been home for like two weeks without flying at all. The reason is it's in their heads that they can't win on the west coast.

Our bullpen doesn't look too promising now. We have three guys that simply can't be trusted. I hope KW is thinking mid season trade for another dominant setup man, which would push Cotts down to the minors and Vizcaino into strictly mop-up duties until he proves he's worth a crap. Seriously, he sucks.

The good thing is we can still muster a winning record in California if we win the next three. We always tagged Colon pretty good. Let's get that fat slob tomorrow.
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