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Originally Posted by CHISOXFAN13
So you'd rather use Polite and Marte in a game where it's clear the offense is not going to score three runs to get back into it?
no, but what I'm saying is if crede holds on to the ball, we get out of the inning. So say that LAA scores later and it's the 8th inning and LAA is winning 1 or 2 to nothing, Ozzie would still bring in vizz the fizz and cotts 1st thing out of the pen. Haven't you been watching the games this season? If you're so concerned about 'burning up' politte and marte, I think attention should be brought towards replacing vizz the fizz and cotts (package trade or release) and get the best minor league pitcher to fill in when we're losing 4-0 or winning 4-0. That's all I'm saying.
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