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Originally Posted by CHISOXFAN13
So you'd rather use Polite and Marte in a game where it's clear the offense is not going to score three runs to get back into it?
Be careful, man. You're sounding reasonable. People do not seem to understand that Ozzie has to use all 25 men on his roster. It's a 162-game season. We can't ask Politte and Marte to pitch in middle relief every day. If Vizcaino and Shingo both continue to struggle, we'll be in the market for a right-handed middle reliever in July.

Middle relief and the middle of our batting order are the two weaknesses we have right now. On the latter point, help is on the way in the form of Frank Thomas. I'm sure KW can make a deal to shore up the bullpen, if need be. I haven't lost faith in Vizcaino yet. He has good stuff. Coop just needs to find a way to help him harness it, and that needs to happen quickly. Another two weeks or so of this, and I'll be calling for a change.

I'm not worried about Uribe. He's always been a streaky hitter. His main job is defense anyway, and if we're relying on our No. 9 hitter for run production, then shame on us. Crede continues to perplex. I don't know what the hell we should do with him.

Tonight was a terrible game, but the most important thing is how the Sox respond tomorrow. We've got our ace on the mound. Let's get a win.
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