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Originally Posted by Mohoney
I know it may be very unpopular here, and I can see where people are coming from when they want these guys lynched, but I really believe that Luis Vizcaino is much better than what he's shown, and will end up being an important contributor to a division-winning bullpen before all is said and done. Same thing with Jermaine Dye.

Plus, it's Twins fans, not us, that should be freaking out. We lost to a first place team, and the Twins couldn't capitalize. Another game off the schedule, another day where we're still 5 games up.

Yes, we didn't sweep the Cubs. Yes, we looked very flat today. Yes, I wholeheartedly disagree with Ozzie's decision Sunday. Yes, I want to make a move to get somebody else playing 3B everyday in August and September.

But the bottom line is, 4 games have been wiped off the schedule in this period of time where the Twins didn't gain an inch. If the Twins can't shave a game or two off of our lead during stretches like this where we have some things go wrong, advantage White Sox.

We're going to split with this team, and there's nothing wrong with a split on the road against a first place team.

The Twins are going to split with Cleveland, and we will still be 5 games up on Friday morning, just like we were last Friday.
Good points, and I agree with most, especially the part about the standings.

I'm not as optimistic on Vizcaino. His career numbers are awful, except for one good year. I hope Coop knows something we're not seeing, but I have no faith in Viz right now.

Interesting thought about Crede, but I doubt a move will be made. It may not be necessary.

I still think we can take the next three in Anaheim. A split would be acceptable, though.

What I started noticing a couple weeks ago is that Twins aren't really that good this year (compared to the last three, anyway). Maybe I'm wrong, but I think we are much better than Minnesota.
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