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Originally Posted by mdep524
...Oh yeah, and Vizcaino, here's your plane ticket for Charlotte. Have fun with Adkins for a few weeks, come back when you don't suck. Thanks in advance. Anyone think it's time to give Baj a chance?
I'm ready for that. I'm extremely disappointed in Vizcaino. Coming into the year, I was hoping for him to be a good 7th and 8th inning guy. Right now, he's a mop-up pitcher at best. We need better depth in our bullpen. I like the back end of the pen with Hermanson, Marte and Politte. But Cotts, Vizcaino, Shingo and Walker can't be trusted in close games at this point and that's a problem. When you have a team built on pitching, you have to have everyone getting it done. At this point, that simply isn't happening. The back 3 have been fine, but Shingo and Vizcaino haven't been good. Cotts has been ok. But something has to happen with Shingo and Vizcaino soon. Either they step up and start pitching well, or they have to be replaced. I'm all for calling up Diaz and Bajenaru at this point. Either that or Kenny should look into acquiring a stud closer at the deadline and push everyone back.

Hell, Danny Graves isn't looking like a bad option right now.
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