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Originally Posted by Jjav829
We talked about this in the chat, but does anyone else think that if Rowand is in center, those runs don't score? Frankly, as I said, I think Rowand catches both the Kennedy double and the Molina single. For that matter, Pods might catch those balls. I have no idea why Timo was in center. It should have been Pods in center with Rowand resting. That's a poor decision by Ozzie. It's becoming clearer that Timo is gone when Gload and Frank return.
My brother and I were thinking the same thing about both balls. Rowand gets to both balls and, on Cabrera's hit to left in the second, MacPherson doesn't even try for third. As for why Timo was in center, I have no idea why he ever plays anywhere.

That said, the Twins lost, and the Sox can't play worse tomorrow, so things are still looking good.
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