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All the signs were could totally see this loss coming. Oh well. Santana was just plain nasty- that slider was unbelievable. Buehrle will come back and beat Colon tomorrow. But, there are two things we can take out of this game:

1.) Uribe desperately needs a day off. He is not even close at the plate right now. Crede too. The 8-9 spot is a black hole of death at the moment.

2.) Have we seen enough of Timo yet? I was a big supporter of his last year, but we don't need him in the same way as the instigator offensively this year. During Corpseball '04, Timo was valuable as a guy that would shake things up and get on base and get a clutch single. Well, now we have Podsednik and Iguchi in that role, making Timo expendable.

His bat has been pretty bad this year (save for that one sweet HR at the Twinkiedome), and his defense, specifically his range, in the OF is downright terrible. When Frank comes back, Timo may be the guy to go, though I'd miss him

...Oh yeah, and Vizcaino, here's your plane ticket for Charlotte. Have fun with Adkins for a few weeks, come back when you don't suck. Thanks in advance. Anyone think it's time to give Baj a chance?
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