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Originally Posted by Randar68
They're nothing alike, IMO. Parque got by on guts. I hate comparisons based only on physical likeness. Gio has a legit low-90's fastball that has movement, a MUCH better curve than Parque ever had, and I think he has a better feel for pitching, attacking hitters, than Parque did. Parque's "upside" was a #5 pitcher on a contender, IMO.

He's not a potential #1, IMO, because I don't think he could ever give you 230 innings. He might be able to give you 200-215 innings, though, if he can stay healthy in a major league season.

I think he has a chance to be a very good #3 type pitcher, realistically. I could see him giving you 6 innings a start with ~5 K's on average and <2 walks...

Pretty early to project, but it's just a half-ass guess right now. Will be interesting to see. Could be in W-S as early as May 10th.
On a positive note, alot of teams said the same thing about Pedro.
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