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Originally Posted by Randar68
They're nothing alike, IMO. Parque got by on guts. I hate comparisons based only on physical likeness. Gio has a legit low-90's fastball that has movement, a MUCH better curve than Parque ever had, and I think he has a better feel for pitching, attacking hitters, than Parque did. Parque's "upside" was a #5 pitcher on a contender, IMO.

He's not a potential #1, IMO, because I don't think he could ever give you 230 innings. He might be able to give you 200-215 innings, though, if he can stay healthy in a major league season.

I think he has a chance to be a very good #3 type pitcher, realistically. I could see him giving you 6 innings a start with ~5 K's on average and <2 walks...

Pretty early to project, but it's just a half-ass guess right now. Will be interesting to see. Could be in W-S as early as May 10th.
Thanks. That "guts" comment on Jimmy is 100% dead-on. That was always his problem, he had no room for error because he plain didn't have the raw talent. Hopefully Gio's got that as well as the mental side of it and can end up as a good # 3-5 in the rotation in a couple of years.
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