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Originally Posted by Randar68
Never heard of him? Do you live in a bunker? LOL! Seriously, though, 1st round supplemental pick out of Miami last year. Was a sure-thing first rounder before he and his brother were kicked off the HS team due to his family's issues with the head coach.

Smaller in stature, has a 90-93 fastball usually and one of the best LH'd curves in the minors. Also throws an overlooked change-up.

They are going to limit his innings and pitches throughout the minors because of durability concerns based on his build, not based on past injury problems.
Randar - out of curiosity, how does Gio compare to Jim Parque? The build similarities are obvious, but IIRC Jimmy was also a lefty with decent (low-90s) stuff, but was never a big K guy which Gio seems to be. Jimmy was decent, but never really great, and the durability thing caught up with him pretty quickly. Knock on wood that Gio can stay healthy, but is his "upside" Parque or can we shoot a bit higher?
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