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Originally Posted by NDSox12
I am going to be in Charlotte in a couple weeks, so I figured I would go see the Knights play on Tuesday, May 10th. Anyone know of any good bars/restaurants in the Charlotte area? I have never been to the city before, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Where are you staying?

If you're downtown, and you just want bar food and a place to hang out, hit Ri-ra's or Fox and Hound (both on Tryon), Stool Pigeons (just off of Tryon on 6th street), or Dixie's (on 8th, I think). Ri-ra's has the best food among those, but Stool Pigeon's is my favorite place. Cosmo's on 6th and College is a good tapas place that attracts a trendier crowd (meaning good looking women, but expensive drinks). If you want the names of some higher end restaurants, or if you're staying away from downtown, PM me. Just to let you know though, Charlotte on a Tuesday is not going to be very lively.
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